Instagram is a fairly new player though it is already proving its worth as a social media platform. Now, there are certain similarities between Instagram and others, but there are also major differences. Some social media managers and marketers might be quite surprised to know that some of the popular notions and practices applicable to Facebook and Twitter might not be applicable for Instagram. Here are those three things that you probably don’t know will help you succeed in using Instagram to market your brand.

How Many Hashtags Is Too Much?

While in most social media platforms such as Tweeter, hashtag overload has been a major sin. And everyone already knows that it is not effective to make more than two or three hashtags. In fact, it would make your posts look positively cheap if you act like a pre-teen and over-hashtag. But surprisingly, t can throw that rule out when dealing with Instagram. Studies show that the big movers in Instagram use four and to ten hashtags and this helps them increase their engagement rate. Of course, it still helps to keep your hashtags clean by using them as text in the sentence instead of dumping them all at once.

Should You Use Videos?

Videos are relatively new in Instagram and the data shows they are still not nearly as effective as pictures. But it goes without saying that this is because people are still not used to the feature. Also, they do work especially since they mix up your usual content. Your audience will get a bit bored if all you have are picture posts. One thing to consider with videos is that they are more popular after office hours probably because they have sound and may be disruptive in the office.

What Time And Day Should You Post?

Forming an optimal time schedule for posting is a canonical move for general social media management. But once again, there is a slight difference for Instagram when compared to others. Instagram is a highly mobile platform. And it is a fact that people are with their mobile phones nearly all the time. So there is really no study that shows the best time for Instagram posts during the day. Of course forming a schedule is still good, but you can experiment posting anytime and even during weekends. A lot of the big movers are posting during business hours too. You can use this to your benefit and see which time posts will most likely target your target audience demographic.

Whether these things help your brand or not will of course be determined by actual practice. However, the data that studies found are incontrovertible. There is a major difference between Instagram and the other big name social platforms and to ignore that fact is to ignore your success. So we hope these tips work for you and we hope your Instagram campaign will really soar.