This article would be awfully short if you want to answer this way: “what makes successful Facebook promotions are paid ads”. But we already know that, obviously. And of course not everyone has enough budget to do paid advertising. Not everyone can afford that. This is why we made these rules which are not exclusively for people who have enough money for advertising.

This is not to say that Facebook ads are useless. They are not. We advise our clients to use a healthy mix of paid ads along with their usual posts in order to boost their Facebook engagement. But keep in mind: in the long run, ads are nothing without the simple, core strategies and principles of your regular posting:

Mix Up Your Content Strategy

Do not stick to just one kind of post. One format of posting (such as all images or all links to your website) can kill your page. Not all fans are interested, for example, in just getting coupons. If you create other kinds of posts, you will have more chances of hitting a wider range. Your audience may have varied perspectives and tastes. Also, it can get boring if there is nothing new in your fan page. People will no longer be attentive once your page has become monotonous.

Quality Fans Over Quantity of Fans

For many people, the number of fans or likes is enough of a measurement to gauge whether a page is successful or not. This is a beginner’s mistake. The number of fans does not mean anything. In fact, it might be detrimental to your page if you have a whole slew of fans that are “low quality”. So how can you tell apart low quality fans? These are the fans that make a lot of off-putting comments with bad grammar. It’s even worse if your fans do not even respond. This lowers your engagement ratio and eventually, your reach will shrink lower and lower. So don’t just aim to add as many fans as you can. Aim to add fans that fit right with your brand. These kinds of fans will spread the word and engage with you by providing insights and even content, thus doing your work for you in the long run.

Balance Your Marketing

You already know that you shouldn’t just market yourself in each post. But keep in mind that people in Facebook are regular people. Most of them are educated and well exposed to the fact that a brand page would have some advertising involved. Do not be too careful to the point of not having any self promoting posts at all. It is a tricky balance between value and marketing, something every Facebook moderator will have to achieve.

It’s not just a simple game of getting the highest numbers. It’s about seeing the bigger picture and making smart choices. These rules are here to help guide you but of course, other factors will have to be considered. Seasonal changes, the state of the economy, these things can make your numbers fluctuate. But nevertheless, keep these rules in mind before you start investing on getting fans and managing a Facebook page.