What do successful do to win and merit rewards? It's about setting expectations for yourself and how you value your goal more than anything. Successful people pour in hours of hardwork, encounter occasional failures, and daily sacrifices to reach their goals. They have a set of best practices they apply in their daily routine and not compelled to do such. Successful people follow these best practices because they want to achieve something and refuse to drown in mediocrity.

Here are 4 best practices to enhance your performance and achieve your goals:

1.) Set your Purpose

Treating your goal as a target makes your more motivated and inspired to hit it. Achievers simply don't motivate themselves for the sake of inspiring others they do it to set an example on how to attain success. When you're sure of what you're doing then you know how you'll achieve something whether it's a simple school project or promotion at work. It's a matter of setting your mind on something and hitting it by motivating yourself.
2.) Challenge Yourself

If everyone is a gold medalist then nobody will give it their best shot anymore. Challenging yourself with the most difficult tasks will build your character as a goal-oriented achiever. Don't run from every predicament you encounter because it might be an opportunity in disguise. Grab life by the horns, face the challenge upfront, chin up, and attack it. If you turn back then it simply says that you aren't dedicated in achieving your ultimate goal!
3.) Be Resilient

High achievers aren't afraid fail because they know they rise up and step their game up. Every failure makes them a better person. They don't allow adversity to get the best of them and overwhelm their emotional prowess. If you fail then it's a sign that you should determine an area of self-improvement. Accept failures and learn from them, it's the first step in being resilient to continue treading the path to success.
4.) Stay Patient

Success doesn't happen overnight, you need to plant a seed in order to reap the rewards. It's a gradual process that you will need to nurture. The beauty of achieving success is the journey on how it builds your character along the way. Don't pressure yourself too much and focus on the process. The path to success is always an uphill climb that will test how much you want to reach your goal.
Remember that success can be ours if we motivate and inspire ourselves. Following a set of best practices everyday complements our motivation and establishes a winning mindset. With these best practices, we are transformed into goal-driven individuals.