Nowadays, Facebook won’t show your posts to your audience’s wall if you rarely get likes or comments or clicks on your posts. This trend is growing in most social media sites in general. Your engagement rate has never been so important and you will want to find ways to keep your audience engaged.



1.) Give Out a Golden Nugget from Your Article

Sometimes, when you post links, you can’t attract that much attention with just a general article or post title. You might want to point out a specific takeaway or item in your article that proves the article is useful. This “golden nugget” from your article should be valuable information, usually one item or point that will show that the rest of the article is just as engaging. Some moderators might be afraid to do this thinking that they should just provide previews and save the “meat” of their posts so that their audience would have a reason to read the article. But this isn’t really the case. Your post will be more interesting once the audience actually finds the golden nugget to be interesting.

2.) Vary Your Posts

Once you find a content formula you are comfortable with, you tend to stick to it. The only problem is that in the long run, this will feel monotonous for your audience. Once their eyes are already trained to know what to expect from you, they will gloss over your posts. After all, only an interesting type of post will draw attention, and more often than not, what is different or news is what is interesting. Experiment with different types of posts, questions, photos, videos, etc then see which gets more engagement. Also, after a long period and you see your page engagement plateau and slowly descend, you could try playing with the look or tone of your post. Even varying just the size of the photos for example, will make a difference.


3.) Create Incentives for Click Throughs

People won’t always click through the links you shared. You have to make them interesting. You need to always keep this in mind with each post, obviously. But it can be a challenge to create incentives to promote click through rates. Calls-To-Action are always useful. But one important principle is to provide incentives. You could, perhaps, promise them quiz test that will reveal more about their personality. If you can be creative, you can promise your audience things that they will be able to take away from the page you are posting. Just be sure these things are valuable or enjoyable.


4.) Create “Evergreen” Posts

The concept for evergreen content is old, but it is still quite relevant. Nowadays, social media tends to focus on trends. This is not surprising considering that social media lends well to trending of topics. But this means that if you are creating content, you won’t be able to use any of them for a long time. If you create blog posts for example that can be valuable for a long time, then this means that they will be interesting and useful to people no matter when you post them and no matter if you repost them a couple of times. This will also create running threads of conversation, boosting your overall engagement rates. Engagement has never been more important. And there are probably a lot more tips for how to boost engagement this year and the coming year 2014. Share your tips with us if you have great ideas for boosting engagement.