Marketers like us are always a busy lot. Some of us are too busy to catch up with the latest trends in social media. While you can read updates from sites like Mashable or TechCrunch, it's always a challenge to apply these changes to improve your inbound marketing strategies. One of the most essential tools to promote a client's business or enhance your personal branding is through a Facebook brand page.

As the world becomes more social, Facebook has become an destination-location for small businesses and potential customers. It's a no-brainer that any business owner or marketer should establish a Facebook presence while keeping himself updated with the latest changes and new features.

Here are 4 ways business owners can catch up with the latest Facebook changes and new features:

1.) Follow Facebook for Businesses Page

Managed by the Facebook staff itself, it's a must that they reach and connect with small and local business owners to inform them about announcements, new features, and latest user interface changes. There's always a set of guidelines being shared when for users to familiarize themselves with Facebook's latest features.

Aside from the Facebook for Businesses Page, you can also find updates on the Facebook blog or might as well add the blog to your RSS for easy updates whenever there's a new update. The very helpful part is that these changes are complemented through tips and guidelines in blog post form.

2.) Follow AllFacebook Posts

You can find almost everything Facebook from AllFacebook. It's like the unofficial Facebook blog but has substantial information that's you can't even find on Facebook's blog itself. AllFacebook always updates its articles about Facebook news, privacy issues, guidelines, and even tips every marketer should know. They also host an annual conference in San Francisco where attendes can learn more about Facebook marketing from distinguished experts.

3.) Follow the Social Media Experts

Aside from Facebook blog articles, you can learn more about Facebook updates from distinguished social media experts like Pete Cashmore, Mari Smith, and Brian Solis. These are some of the people who feed their followers the latest updates from Facebook. Not only do they give latest Facebook updates, these thought leaders also write articles about how to enhance your business using Facebook strategies.

4.) Create a Google Alert

Setting up a Google Alert is the old reliable but it works! Try creating a Google Alert for “Facebook Timeline” so you can receive the latest news once they get published on the Web. An email carrying collated articles about Facebook timeline updates will be sent to your inbox. It's an easy way to customize what kind of Facebook update you're looking for whether it's a blog aticle, a video, or even a thread.