Web hosting can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Sure it gives everyone access to the browse websites, it helps children research about their homework, some would spend hours checking out memes, but for business owners and marketing consultants it can be a very bad thing if web hosting isn't at par with expectations! Sometimes web hosting can be a force of nature, it's beyond your control. But one thing's for sure – you can make a list of expectations before you pick a good web hosting service.



Here are 4 features to look for in a web hosting service:

1. Speed

This one's a no-brainer. Everyone knows that time is an asset especially for business owners. Picture yourself competing in 100M dash, you won't get anywhere if you're just trailing the other sprinters! Every track athlete capitalizes on time by training and following a proper diet. As a business owner, you should capitalize on time because you being a business owner makes you a multi-tasker.

Among the enormous benefits your site will experience by having load times consistently under 1.5 seconds:

  • Readers won’t lose patience and navigate elsewhere. (It only takes 3 seconds to lose nearly 50% of your readers.)
  • Google’s minimum requirement for being considered a “fast” site will be met.
  • You can actually reduce operating expenditures … yes, just by reducing load time.
  • Oh, and you won’t put $2.5 million in annual sales at risk (relatively speaking).

2.) CRM and Support

Your website is your home on the Web, getting decent speed from your host isn't enough, you should be at ease with your host's security and make you feel they have your back. Choosing a hosting service that has 24/7 support is a big plus because it's not only the service your paying for but their technical assistance as well. Keep in mind that your website and its content is your primary asset on the Web. Choosing a hosting service that understands that idea knows that you mean business!

3.) Product Development

A great web hosting company knows that their customers are their assets. Investing in thorough research to give them the latest and relevant features to their service means a lot to their customers. How about asking business owners if they want a feature ala Zopim that enables their customers to talk to them in real-time? Without charging fees, such feature can be a value-add on that can even give a web hosting company an edge over its competitors.

4.) Optimization

A good, wait, a great web hosting service knows that your website has to be more than effective and functional as possible. With that in mind, a great host will share that vision with you and will complement every strategy you apply. Your website's content development and general setup will help you optimize your monthly hosting fees, a great hosting service will offer more than that. Date-driven advice will improve performance and that will be the web host's initiative.