It's always a challenge to convert visitors into potential customers, but you can turn every challenge into an opportunity using calls-to-action. As businesses embrace social marketing nowadays, every CTA isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to increase lead generation. Every CTA should be custom-tailored. You can't just expect a single call-to-action on your website to cover all facets of your inbound marketing. An effective CTA requires meticulous planning and determining the audience your website attracts. There will be a variety of users that will land on your website: current customers, potential prospects, regular visitors, and perhaps, even your competitors.

So why do you need an great and effective CTA? It will nurture potential leads transforming them into actual buyers and eventually brand advocates.

An effective call-to-action paves the way for a prospect to tread the path to purchase. Don't be distracted with the idea of various people visiting your website. It's a challenge that you can turn into an opportunity through the use of custom-tailored CTAs. Every CTA will cover a target audience that will earn a substantial feedback from it. Here are five types of Call-To-Action strategies to turn your website into a lead generation machine:


1.) Utilize your Social Assets

Sharing content via your social media pages is one of the easiest ways to reach potential leads. It's a matter of feeding the right content on the right platform. The good thing about using social media to acquire leads is that it's quick and instant, content makes this possible. If your followers or fans see you feeding them with great infographics, they can share it on their networks and becoming brand advocates even before they purchase your product.


As for your website, before you drive them to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts, it's a must to embed social-sharing buttons on your website. These underrated buttons can actually increase your followers on your social assets which also increases your reach. The best areas to put these social-sharing buttons are on your landing page, blog posts, and contact us page.


2.) Put a Read More Button and Form Submission


People crave for content, especially if it's free! One of the most underrated call-to-action approaches is the inclusion of the “read more” button. Enticing potential customers with more content paves a smooth way for the path to purchase, when a prospect starts reading a case study or a white paper he wants to finish reading the entire document! The Read More button allows a prospect to understand if the product or service is effective. You can also make a case study or white paper downloadable if it's a big document to put on your website. Before offering to a prospect to download a copy, you can ask him to fill up a form to improve your mailing list as well.


3.) Leverage your Blog


Aside from your landing page, your blog is one of your primary tools for lead generation. The value of your blog depends on how you use it as an effective lead generation tool. The title of a blog post alone is already a CTA. You'd want to share infographics and how-to articles to your customers so they can share them on their network as well. Every blog entry is a lead generation tool, why? It presents an opportunity to put floating banners and sidebar ads which are considered CTAs. These CTAs should be visually eye-catching but doesn't present itself as distractions. Keep it detailed and interesting for visitors to click!


4.) Webinar/Event/MeetUp Promotion

You'd like to drive attendance to an event, perhaps a product launch, whether it's online or in person it's a must to plan it using a great CTA that will stick to people's heads. A CTA that will increase awareness of the event will not only draw attendance but referrals as well. The best thing about it? You can put it on every destination-location of your target segment. For instance, if you're a consultant work with a seafood restaurant, it's best to make use of visual platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest. It's about using the right CTA on the right platform. If you want to be more direct, put it on your landing page, create a pop-up register form, or cover photo of your Facebook page.


5.) Lead Nurturing


You already had a prospect's attention, now what? When a potential customer becomes a lead but isn't ready to make a purchase you have to entice them more. Offering them something like a product demo or free trial is how you nurture a lead in order to convert it into a sale. It's a great experience for any prospect to let them try your product or service so they would know that you're not a salesman but as a adviser as well. As a business owner, you need to eat your own dogfood and show them how your product works by being the expert at it. Put a smart CTA on a blog post that will enable potential customers to avail of the free offer.