The dawn of social business has paved the way for increased innovation and better business models. While most businesses took a blow from the global financial crisis, progress wasn't hampered and has seen the rise of fresh and innovative approaches in education and business. This growth has seen small businesses, local marketers, and even non-profit organisations apply grassroots strategies and guerilla marketing in order to thrive in a struggling economy.

Most small businesses have found their place and captured their own target market. The use of social media platforms has also augmented the inbound marketing strategies of local entrepreneurs. It's interesting to know that small businesses were braving the tides instead of struggling to go against the waves of the global financial crisis years ago.

Nowadays, every career-oriented individual should have entrepreneurial skills even if they don't own a business. Traditional education is now being replaced by entrepreneurial skills – the most notable example would be Mark Zuckerberg's rise because of the social network he created during college called…Facebook. It's becoming a reality that traditional education can't match up with entrepreneurial skills that can enhance career development and lead you to greener pastures.

Here are 5 skills you can learn from entrepreneurs:

1.) Fluent Communication

Successful entrepreneurs are able to transform prospects into actual clients because they communicate well. If you want to sell a product, a service, or an idea, you need to make people understand the value that your idea can give them. You also need to tell yourself if your idea is of value to you. There are no wrong ideas but in order to send its value across, you need to communicate well with others. Be persuasive but don't be over-confident, people will admire you if you listen to them and hear their feedback.

2.) Leverage Networking

If there's one ingredient for success that entrepreneurs will tell you, it's how they weren't able to reach success alone. Networking is an essential aspect to sell your idea. You will eventually find your support group like investors and donors that will back you up if they see value in your idea . The Internet made the world small which means you need to create and nurture relationships that will benefit your career in the long run.

3.) The Unsalesman Approach

Every entrepreneur sells his product or service to his target customers. As the world becomes more social, self-promotion isn't enough, you need to tap your current customers to complement your credibility. Ditch the salesman approach and talk like a real expert, applying a personal approach so you can present your value means you're here not only to sell your idea but create meaningful relationships.

4.) Always be Hungry

Successful entrepreneurs don't think they are successful at all. They are always pursuing for the next big idea that they can transform into something to make people's lives better. Having an insatiable thirst for success and innovation build your character, it's what you need to tread a successful career path.

5.) The Value of Self-Learning

A successful entrepreneur strives to be innovative and resourceful, he or she wants to create new methods to increase productivity and improve quality of customers' lives. Successful entrepreneurs always figure out a solution yet they want to learn by creating one. It's a natural quality for a successful entrepreneur to create a seamless approach to realize their ideas.