The debate between SEO and PPC has been a long and evolving conversation. There are many angles to consider. And of course, the two can sometimes seem diametrically opposed to each other. This is because Google would obviously want more paid advertising than organic results from which they do not get any money from. Despite that, many SEO experts still consider PPC and SEO as two complementary things instead of being directly opposed to each other.

So just what does PPC have as an advantage over SEO?

–          First of all, PPC gets you quicker results. If, for example, what you need to advertise in search engines is something that is seasonal (for example: a summer package that your hotel will only offer for half the year), then you cannot expect to have SEO rank your promo landing page in time for summer. SEO takes time. It can take weeks, months, and even longer. PPC on the other hand is much faster in terms of results and traffic.

–          PPC is highly targeted. SEO can be targeted, but PPC offers a lot more options based on geo location, date and time, etc. That means that if you use it wisely, you will not be wasting your advertising money on the wrong audience demographic.

–          PPC results are easier to measure than SEO.

–          PPC shows people that your company invests money on advertising and THEREFORE your company is serious and credible.

–          Finally, PPC results are placed on top of organic search results, meaning people will likely click on it before the organic results links.

Wow. It looks like PPC has SEO beat down. Well, not exactly. Here are some reasons why it is not always the better option:

–          It is expensive and time consuming to maintain a PPC campaign. It is almost ten times more expensive as organic SEO when we compare the two per click. This is especially true for keywords that many other advertisers will bid high for.

–          Even though it appears on top of organic results, people tend to develop blindness against ads. This means that our eyes gets used to skipping over ads automatically and going directly to the organic results.

–          A PPC campaign can be very difficult to figure out and a lot of money and time can be wasted if you are doing it without expert help.

So there you have it. But despite the fact that PPC has many disadvantages, it is still a very powerful tool when used the right way. In our opinion, SEO and PPC should work hand in hand. In fact, these two will mutually help make the other become more successful. PPC helps you rank well in SEO and good SEO will make your PPC campaign more convincing and effective for brand awareness. There are definitely some instances when one is preferred over the other. For example, when starting off your search engine marketing efforts, focus first on SEO then eventually move forward to PPC. But all in all, both are important.