Everyone wants to win but not everyone knows how to be a winner. True winners don't only know how to win but they start to determine what goals they want to achieve. If you have the intent to win then there's always a goal to reach. Winners always show their character over adversity which shows that they are focused whatever hurdles they might face along the way. Whatever the ordeal they face, they don't easily lose focus because they are motivated in the right direction. Winners don't get scathed easily because their goal drives them to achieve success.

Adopting a mindset of a winner makes you more motivated and improves your self-confidence as well. Self-confidence will be the backbone when it comes to trying to reach your goal and achieved success. Always keep in mind that when you improve your self-confidence, it will fuel your hunger for success! The great thing about a person's journey is not only how you achieve success but how it builds your character as winner. Success doesn't happen overnight, you need to take initial steps in order to reach your ultimate goal!

Here are 4 ways to unleash your inner winner:

1.) Think Like a Champion

Establishing a mindset of a champion will make you motivated from the start. Creating a set of goals is a mark of true champion. It serves as your guide to ascertain your priorities and how to work on them. Keep in mind that thinking like a champion doesn't mean that you should brag about your talents. Being confident is always good but being arrogant is another thing. Thinking like a champion means that finding ways to improve yourself and preventing yourself from too much comparison from your rivals. The only way to get better is to compete with yourself.

2.) Reflect Before Starting your Day

You absorb positive energy whenever you wake up and believe that good things will happen today. Reflecting and being thankful for the blessings you receive everyday has a positive effect in your brain. If you fall flat yesterday then today is a fresh start to be more productive and accomplish things. Waking up earlier than the usual says a lot about how adamant you are in reaching your goals. Remember to say a prayer once you get out of bed – there's always something to be thankful for.

3.) Winners Eat Breakfast

A positive mindset paves the way for great opportunities throughout the day. Eating breakfast helps you think effectively and organise things easily. You need to fuel your body with the right nutrients aside from just drinking a cup of coffee. Are you familiar with serotonin? It's the hormone that's responsible for the regulation of mood, appetite, memory and other higher cognitive functions. Too busy to prepare a big breakfast? Try this personal favorite – mix a cup of milk, a banana, a cup of oatmeal, and a spoonful of honey then blend it. It's a great smoothie that will provide you with carbs you need to start your morning right!

4.) You are Your Own Cheerleader

Remember that we mentioned that you need to compete with yourself in order to improve? Well, you are your own cheerleader, too! The great thing about telling yourself that you can accomplish your goals is that you build your character. The journey of a winner is without challenges because every hurdle you encounter is actually a gateway to attain success. Giving yourself a pat on the back in every small victories along the way is a great way of telling yourself that you're on the right track.