Sometimes, SEO can sound so complicated. So we list down the most basic, simplest questions you need to answer in order to find out if your SEO practices are really going towards the right direction. Here they are and hopefully they will keep you on the right track.

Is Your Content Something People Can Share?

Let’s say you already rock with great content. The question is, can it easily be shared? Do they download properly? Make sure that you also have optimized your site for Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. Remember, the more sharable your content, the more potential links and plus points you get. Your content is useless if they are not sharable.

Do You Periodically Rethink Your Keywords?

People tend to think that their keyword strategy is permanent. While this is true to an extent, it is not always the case. The usual habit is to do research at the start then stick to the keywords forever and forget all about it. Taking a fresh look by doing research on your old keywords and looking out for new ones in the horizon can help prevent stagnation and the limitation you might get if for example the competition changes or a better keyword presents itself. You will also want to know just how much conversion your keywords make and then you can switch up the ones that do not work well.

Do People Like Using Your Website?

It is so simple yet so necessary. Also, this is a question you have to ask every time you want to add or change something in your website. It can be easy to forget just how users will feel about using or browsing through your website. Aside from the value they can get, one also has to understand the ease of access to that value. After all, if your site architecture is confusing and people who land on one page does not know what is going on and how to get to what they want, then your conversion rate will die and Google would also notice that.

Does Your Site Load Relatively Fast Enough

This is an oldie, but a classic. Net speed has really gone up these days so people tend to forget that there are still a lot of places where people will prefer a fast loading site to a slow one. This is also true because of the growth of mobile. If you put in too much advanced or heavy stuff on your site, which makes it, load slowly, then Google will likely pass over your pages. If your hosting is the problem, then quickly do something about it, or else.