It’s understandable that clients want results as soon as possible. They are paying good money for SEO after all. But Google just doesn’t work that way and nowadays, the measurable part of the progress can be slow. That is, clients are impatient about getting into the first page. You can’t blame them. Nowadays, it is part of the SEO expert’s job to educate the client as well in order to appease them. So here are the different ways that you can do that.



Keeping a Record of All Work Done

Not all SEO people do this. But this is a very important and simple way to keep your clients contented with the money they are paying you. If you keep an excel sheet of all the links you built, all the on page tweaking, all the research, etc., then you will show that you are actually working. Even if the client doesn’t feel the traffic coming in yet, at least they see that their money is not going to nothing. Record whatever SEO work you do, no matter how simple or complex.

Reporting On Rank Keyword and Rank Improvements

This is the most basic thing that every SEO professional will have to do. The key here is how to do it. The client will have a preferred set of keywords. Most likely, these will be very hard to rank. In any case, it is a good idea to include long tail keywords that are also getting indirectly targeted by your campaign. Any sort of increase in rankings will be appreciated. Once you get to see a couple of significant steps upward in SERPs, then you will be able to claim that there is an upward trend.

Show Articles That Prove SEO is a Slow Process

You might sometimes be with clients who are really hard to please. But some are worse: some clients are hard to convince. These are the types who are untrusting, who think they are always getting swindled. It is after all, hard to trust a service they cannot see. Just have a handful of authoritative resources that you can share to them and they will be finally convinced that the SEO process is indeed working but at just a slow pace.

Other Things That Has Increased or Improved

Surely you will be able to find other things that have shown improvement aside from keyword rankings. Show the number of links they now have, the number of fans, shares, likes. You can also calculate for the conversion as well as the bounce rates. Show them the increased number of subscribers they have. All of these are just what the client will need every time he needs some assurances.

There you are: some great ideas for your company to convince clients that SEO really works, even though it is not as fast as they would have hoped. If you want to talk about your other ways of doing things or if you want to share client experiences, please feel free to do so.