It's easy to create a Facebook page nowadays through the use of sponsored stories and paid ads. You can even grow your page to 1k followers in less than a week! But is this a definitive Facebook marketing strategy? Is it even working?

If you think having thousands of Likes on your business' Facebook page is best strategy there is, then you're in trouble. In order to implement a good Facebook strategy, goals should be in place so you can determine if your getting returns from your social media outreach. For every strategy to take place, you should have the right ingredients to make the engine running!

Here are 4 essentials to jumpstart your Facebook marketing initiative:

1.) The Website

Think of your website as your online store or office. While your Facebook page is the medium to promote what you can offer, your website will be the central hub of all information about your business, products, and services you offer. It should look professional and direct so potential clients won't leave your website after 30 seconds. Your website exists because that's where your Facebook page will direct your followers.

2.) Facebook Page Fundamentals

Before you create a Facebook fan page, you need to determine the budget for Facebook sponsored ads, frequency of postings, and a relevant content plan. These are the basics that will complement each other, picture out the scenario where you have a hefty budget for Facebook ads but no user engagement or not posting any content at all. Right, it's useless. A content plan will enable you to talk to followers and turn them into brand advocates.

3.) A Business Model

Admit it, creating a business model is always a challenge for most of us, but the key here is just aligning your goals and your expected returns. The cost and budget should complement each other in order to be allocated accordingly to your Facebook marketing plan.

4.) Email Marketing

Most businesses still consider the importance of email marketing as a part of their entire marketing strategy. The key here is to make every email campaign direct yet personal, if your email sounds like a bot talking and being salesman-ish then you'll likely be ignored by current and potential customers. Talk to potential customers like a real person and I’m sure they will reciprocate the approach.