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Jeff Herschy and Zach Anderson's

Customers From Afar!

Week 1

In Week One we cover the high level, 30 Thousand Foot View of how you close a customer from afar. 

  • Starting your digital agency/business (perfect for newbies!)
  • Determine what niche or niches you are going to target
  • Service packages, what are you going to offer that niche
  • Who is fulfilling the packages for us, and you
  • Service package pricing
  • What do you have to charge to make a profit now – and in the future! 

Week 2

In Week Two we discuss what your end goal is going to be and how to properly target and engage with your prospects. 

  • The true initial goal with a new prospect
  • Creating your Sales Bait and initial offer options to engage new prospects
    • Lead Magnet
    • Case Study
    • Software Demo
    • Marketing Consultation
    • TripWire
  • Setting up your online Booking system
  • Set up your sales medium for closing clients in real time

Week 3

In Week Three we give you the EXACT funnels we use in our businesses, the services we offer, real world presentations we give and our proposals that we use… PLUS

  • How to create your own VLS, lead magnet or case study (or copy ours)
  • The simple trick to creating a landing page for your VLS, lead magnet, case study, TripWire, or software demo opt-in that hooks your prospect and keeps them engaged
  • Our exact email follow up sequence for opt ins that you can swipe and put to use immediately
  • How to properly outline your presentation based on the services you offer
  • The simple yet powerful proposal we use that is easy to understand and closes deals fast
  • Our secret follow up sequence once you have sent out the proposal

Week 4

In Week Four reveal our TOP TIER TRAFFIC SOURCES

  • Our Internal Secrets to contacting prospects via LinkedIn and engaging them
  • The battle tested “foot in the door” lead generation software we use that tickles interest and gets initial replies/responses from potential customers in hours (if not minutes!)
  • Our proven Facebook campaigns that place your top of funnel offer in front of new prospects
  • The EXACT retargeting ads to use to send them back to the top of your funnel

Week 5

Week Five is all about On-Boarding, setting your customers up and servicing them, including:

  • How we on-board new customer to prevent a backlog of new customers and workd
  • Setting the expectation early and when to charge the customer the initial setup fee
  • Our exact intake forms, welcome email, and 8 [art sequence for gathering information to start
  • How to properly organize each client and their information and the tools we use to do it
  • The 4 week fulfillment roadmap and services used internally for our own clients
  • The 12 month servicing plan (months 2- 5 and 6-12) to consistently add value and show results
  • How we find, train, and optimize our own overseas outsource team


bonus software

Bonus 1 Live Q&A Calls

bonus week 6


Week 6

In the Week Six Bonus Training we reveal the keys to finding and closing LARGER Enterprise level clients. Including real world examples of the packages we offer, the exact presentation we give, and the proposals we use, plus:

  • Revel the story behind some of these larger deals
  • How to position yourself to have the potentially just “Fall In Your Lap”
  • How we have another strategic partnership in play for up to 15,000 locations
  • Walk you through the Qualification, Pricing, Contract, and Strategies used
  • Give you everything we used to make the deals happen


Praise for Matt Bacak's Knowledte and Wisdom:
Im in man! You guys have proven that you're dedicated to your customers, so I know this will be great. To be honest, this is exactly what I need right now!


I LOVE the lifestyle and freedom of this!


I bought this because of the systems that you have created. I have some white label products with fulfillment and I want to launch a digital marketing agency, so I am very excited about this opportunity! Thanks for offering this!


I can't believe you're opening your business up like this and giving us everything. I am super excited to get started and make 2018 the best year yet!


This is really helping. I've been doing this full time for 7 years and I grow each year, but this has really helped simplify my life 🙂


This training is the BOMB!


You are DA MAN for being able to do this with only 2 other people… Can't wait to get to the fulfillment portion of this! Thank you!


Honestly guys, for the cost of the course this has been really great! I have paid four times as much for another traning and gotten 1/4 the value!


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