Good PR is usually what creates good links. This is why Google treats links as authority markers. This means that building links should be a secondary effect. What you really want is good PR for your brand. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take into account link building first, especially if your website is in real need of getting organic reach. What we are going to talk about here are methods of getting not just links from bloggers, but links from tier one media and news websites.

I know what you are thinking, “But good PR that gets the attention from big news and media channels usually means PR stunts. And that costs a lot. Is it within my budget?” That may be a consideration, but there are other ways a startup can create a newsworthy story that big news sites would want to link to. Here they are, without further ado:

1. Get an Interview

This requires a little bit of legwork, but if you are able to snag an interview, then you can get a story worth sharing. Your startup company should of course interview someone very influential and newsworthy. It shouldn’t be too hard to do something like that. Talking to very successful industry leaders or even talking to the divergent gonzo trailblazers are very viable options for an interview. Just make sure that your topic is something of value and interest to many people.

2. Conduct a Survey

This is another great way to create something newsworthy. It’s best to work with a reputable agency whose name will be credible for the news people. Craft the survey with the help of your survey agency. Make sure to craft questions that will get you interesting answers. Finding the right spin would not be hard if you know which topics will surely get surprising numbers. That’s all you need. To go the extra mile, create an infographic about your survey and it will get shared to death.

3. Create a Parody

Create a parody of a recent news event that is related to your industry. Or you could choose to parody a very famous movie or pop culture reference. Really, the options are almost limitless, just as long as you can relate it to your own company’s service. Not all parodies are biting criticism. Some can just be good fun that will not hurt any party. Just remember that the idea here is to target something very famous so that you could ride that buzz and get links and PR in the process.

4. Write a Criticism

If you have a valid complain regarding something in your industry, and if you have good writing chops, why not write a criticism? This might be a tactic for the braver companies though, but if you pull it off, you might have a good chance to go viral. Again, target something famous or prevalent.

To recap, all good PR should produce good links. It’s just a matter of choosing which strategy can get you the most links and which ones are more affordable or at least within your budget.