What SEO professional in existence could possibly be so ignorant as to NOT use Google Webmaster tools? That would be insanity. If you are just starting out or if you are wondering just how useful Google Webmaster tools are, then here is one of its most awesome uses: it is probably the most important tool for analyzing and looking at your websites inbound links.

Find Out Which Websites Link Back To You

The section in the tools that tells you which websites link to you the most is one feature any seasoned SEO expert will highlight. For those that need to keep track of link building campaigns and see how the progress and rate are going this is the go to tool (unless you go for a paid service that automatically tracks the status of back links):

– What one can do first is download the domains that link to you and see if the domains link to your site.

– One best practice is to keep checking. Never quit and schedule periodic checks for the number of domains that link to you. It is best to see how these numbers growth on a monthly basis in order to see if your campaign for links has succeeded.

– And of course, because of the way Google works now, checking to see the quantity is not enough. You have to check the quality of each of the links that go back to your site otherwise you might be getting back links that are bad quality. You want also to check what kind of sites are important or good targets for your campaign.

Finding Out What Other Sites These Sites Link To

After finding out which sites you attract inbound links from, it would be wise to find out what these sites link to. This will help you pinpoint just what kind of link building or baiting practices you would want to see more of on your end. You will only be able to find this out once you analyze the other links that these audience sites are attracted to. This is valuable information to any SEO campaign and it could significantly streamline your link building campaign’s effectiveness for a long time into the future.

Finding Out What Kind Of Anchor Text Is Popular

As any SEO well knows, anchor texts are still important. Their importance has varied throughout the years of course. Even so, it is still most likely the highest determining factor on how your page performs on SERPS so it is most definitely something you should look into. What any SEO expert will do is try to make targeted keywords be used as the anchor text, this is the basic thing. You might see though, that your brand or website itself will not be used enough as anchor text. You might also find out that there are only a handful of keywords being used to anchor for your links. Now, this shows Google that you are being a bit spammy on your campaign so you should do something to fix that right away.

Any SEO will find these tricks of utmost importance. Give Google webmaster tools a try for inbound link examination and you might be surprised with the results.