Google Analytics just gave its user interface a minor facelift and some enhancements to improve usability. Google received a number of feedbacks on how to make the Google Analytics UI more comprehensive and easy-to-use for new users. Google has put a premium on details such as more icons and an improved Metric Group selection. In its blog post, Google said:

“The primary goal of this update is to bring more attention to the things that matter — your data, and how you analyze it. We improved legibility of score card and table data, and refined our color palette to draw attention toward data instead of navigation elements.”

The icons received a more detailed look and is now situated prominently on the sidebar. Aside from that, new thumbnails are added like Home, Custom Reporting, and Standard Reporting. Check out a detailed image of the graph area from

1.) Increased visibility of “compare to metrics” option.

2.) Goals tab is more prominent and easy to use, this is a heavily used navigation option.

3.)The data grouping options (Day, Week, Month…) were brought outside the drop down, making it easier to use.

4.) Better looking graphs: the points got smaller and more linked to the lines. The graphs does not use Flash anymore, i.e. they can be seen also on iPads/iPhones.

5.) The strip with the totals are now below the graph, which is more intuitive.

6.) The types of data visualization above tables are much easier to use outside a drop down.