Site hacking is a black hat tool that is just too hard for Google to keep tabs on. Don’t think that you are not hacked just because you feel nothing is going on. Getting hacked is much more common than what you think and it’s not easy to spot if you don’t make a move. That’s why Google has given us these tips on how to find out if your site has been hacked and how to prevent it in the first place.

What Is Site Hacking For SEO?

If you are a website owner, you may not think that your site is hacked because there is nothing wrong with it. But you can never be too careful. So many sites are hacked each day and the only thing the hacker does is leave links and pages in places you will not likely look. This brings up their SEO while it potentially becomes a risk for yours. It also serves to redirect traffic from your site into undesirable and malware ridden websites.

How Can You Find Out If Your Site Has Been Hacked?

Here are Google’s tips on how to determine whether your site bears the bad markings of a hacker:

Use Webmaster Tools’ Search Queries

Check to see your website’s search queries page. See if you are getting traffic from queries that do not have any connection with your website’s topic or content. If you find irrelevant and suspicious sounding queries that lead to your site, your site might have been altered by a hacker, thus inserting keyword pages that should not be there.

Do A Google “site:” Search

Just go to Google and type in “”. This search query will show you all the crawled links in your website. Check each one to see if there are ones that shouldn’t be there. See if you can find one that you feel is suspicious and check to see where they lead.

Set Google Alerts For Your Website

This one is a no-brainer, though apparently, a lot of people are not doing it and thus do not know for months and months that their site has been hacked. Simple set up Webmaster Tools to forward you messages whenever they get alerted to possible hacking on your website. It will work wonders.

How To Prevent Getting Hacked

The best way to fix the problem, is to prevent it from happening in the first place:
– Make sure to update your website software
– Look for security updates in the website software that you use. Be updated.
– When getting a website management software that is managed by a hosting provider, be sure to research well beforehand and look for a hosting provider that really has a good reputation.

Sometimes, we can’t stop all these attacks and your website will succumb to hackers. The only thing we can do is to spot it as soon as possible before any big damage happens. Remember that your site’s SEO is also at stake since Google might give you a penalty as it cannot automatically. Vigilance is always a good thing.