Facebook has definitely proved itself to be a powerful tool for reaching customers. Businesses have been using Facebook to reach customers directly. However, can the same thing be said for businesses who need to reach out to other businesses?

If I were to ask you right now, do you really think that Facebook will be as effective with reaching other businesses as it is with reaching customers? Probably not. We have a misguided preconception that social media is mostly used by individuals for personal use.

But the thing is, these same individuals are most likely business owners as well. Aside from that, SME businesses are all using social media, particularly FB, because it has truly gone mainstream as a channel to relate and reach their customers. So basically, since FB is such a great tool for B2C, it has attracted a lot of businesses, making it ripe for B2Bs to take advantage.

Still not convinced? Here are some direct ways in which FB is particularly ripe for collecting B2B contacts and leads:

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are highly targetable. All B2C companies know this. They have taken advantage of this by creating laser pinpoint accurate ads that move through networks which have the same demographic data, the same interests, etc. Suggested posts and the slew of other FB ads give you more control over how and where these are displayed. So how do you target the type of business owners you are looking for?

Simple, profile your typical business owner and find out what usual type of demographic they belong to. But the simplest way is to target them via location and interest. Suggested posts are great for this since they will spread laterally through friends who are also business owners, thus gaining more credibility by virtue of association. Business owners will be more curious about a certain post that their fellow business owners liked because they want to be competitive.

Promotional Freebies

Promotions have traditionally been used to effectively hook possible leads and to create buzz, engagement, and exposure. They are massively successful with customers. Who, for example, wouldn’t want to join in a free chance to win a shirt or grooming set? But how does this translate to specifically targeting business owners who do not think the same way as customers? More to the point, how does this avoid targeting the wrong crowd who do not own businesses but just want a freebie?

Again, it is just a matter of finding out the needs of your more specific target audience. Instead of giving away small things, you have to think of giving away more high-end stuff. Golf clubs, laptops, and the like are great ideas. But it’s not always true that you have to go for expensive things. Other useful things like the hottest luxury business pens, tablets, phones, or even e-books and free tickets to business summits are other great ideas. Make sure to create conditions that will only allow business owners of your choice to join. You can easily filter people through the promotion landing page that you create.


FB actually offers more ways than these traditional ways to gain B2B leads. Traditional ways such as highly viral content (infographs, videos, etc) are all available. Plus, it’s just plain effective for networking since contacts are out in the open. Once again, it is all about finding out how to target business owners instead of customers.