Content marketing is one of the most in-demand services for marketing experts. With the increasing use of social media through mobile devices, content marketing is becoming streamlined. A recent study at LikeHack shows content curation tools aren't only used by inbound marketing specialists but ordinary Internet users as well. The need for content filtering also surfaces due to the fact that content curation is turning into personal approach that saves a user’s time. With this in mind, content curation can now be offerred as a personal service.

Google recently announced that they're shelving Google Reader which will only increase the use of these content curation tools as a means to save time and increase content relevance. But what exactly is a content curator? A content curator is a service that uses algorithms to show the user only the most relevant content with regard to a specific trend or segment. Why is it a great marketing tool? It enables business owners to promote their products and services with the help of filtering capabilities and information selection.

Content curation was included last year in Forbes' hottest web trends. Content curation has been popular among millennials, even companies like Whole Foods and American Express are using this service to provide customers relevant content. Some companies customize their own set of stories by collecting content that can entice their target market and potential customers. So don't forget to include content curation strategies in your social media and search marketing campaigns. It's a simple yet effective tool that will draw potential leads and eventually increase conversion rates.