Coming up with fresh and original content can be a challenge for most marketers. This is why if you want to make the most out of it, you need to think of your content as an investment as well. It transforms the challenge of creating original content into an opportunity for delivering traffic and ROI. The term “original content” is underrated, why? Most marketers will put a premium on “original” but sometimes forget that to come up with original content you need to make it timeless and relevant to search engine users.

So how do you make your content relevant and effective at the same time? The answer: evergreen content.
So what exactly is evergreen content? There are articles that you've read a year ago but when you read them again you'd tell yourself that it's a good read and you might as well it to your networks. Evergreen content presents its value when it continues to be relevant to search engine users that are finding great content about a specific topic. For instance, if a local cafe owner searches “how to use social media to increase customers” and an article of your related to that topic has been getting tons of views last year then chances are that cafe owner will get to see your article in the search results.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should create evergreen content:

1.) Evergreen content is timeless. It promotes long-term sharing which means that even if your article was published last year, it will still be a great content resources and that presents it's long-term value.

2.) Since evergreen content is always relevant to users who are search for content on a particular topic, it will give your article and website consistent traffic which gives you long-term ROI. The more traffic you receive then the more conversions you can have.

3.) A compelling copy coupled with an effective CTA will produce long-term conversions. Call-to-actions will always be a linchpin for readers to share your content to their networks!

4.) The great thing about evergreen content is that it promotes trust. If readers feel that you write for them and you create solutions then they would share your content on their networks as well.

Every business owner needs content to reach his customers on the Web. It all starts with content that's fresh and effective. Let us know how we can help your business with evergreen content marketing. Send me an inquiry at Thanks!