Guest blogging is fast becoming the go-to tactic for most SEOs who want to build links. Google has already killed most other forms of cheap link building tactics and some people are also beginning to abuse guest blogging as well. Nevertheless, it is still very effective, as long as you do it the right way: by providing valuable content. But how do you even begin?

What is Guest Blogging?

The concept is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is write a good post that you will submit to another blog who will post your content and credit you with a link. Quite simple,right? But how plan it? And how exactly do you execute this tactic? Here are the questions you want to answer in order:

Step 1: Why do you want to guest blog

Once you ask yourself this question, you will then be clearly on other questions that will come up along the road. Your answer here will determine what kind of blog you should contact and look for to pitch a guest blog idea for.

Step 2: Where will you find the right place to guest blog

Simple answer: do a Google search. But this part can be tricky, unless you have already gone through step one. Once you know your goal, you will know what kind of niche you want to post in. Use those to guide the keywords for your search. Think also of the kind of blogs that have the right kind of audience for your goals. You are selling pipes, for example. A good blog would be one that caters to plumbers or construction.

But of course, not all blogs accept guest posting. A great tip is to include “guest posting rules” or other such keywords in your search. You will find blog pages that list rules for guest bloggers. Hence, you will find blogs that accept guest posting.

Step 3: How can you pitch for a guest blog post

After coming up with your list of blogs, take a good look at each one. You will want to send personalized emails to each and every one of them. Mention the content that they have written and genuinely compliment or talk to them about how you can provide value to their kind of audience. Also, your letter to should be impeccably written.

This step also requires you to introduce yourself. It’s probably a good idea to have a blog yourself (probably for your business). Otherwise, why would they want your posts? You may also want to contribute to their community or comments prior to your pitch.

And finally, submit your ideas. Mention more so that they have topics to choose from.


After you get accepted you can finally submit to them your guest post. Don’t forget to follow all their guest posting rules of course. And of course, you will want to include a well written author’s info where you can include your link (in most cases). Good luck and don’t forget to track your results and answer the best comments in your guest post.