Have you ever asked yourself how your mobile site is affecting your SEO? Are you trying to decide between creating a separate mobile website vs. making a website with responsive web design? If so, then read on.

The bursting mobile market has started to create major changes in the SEO industry. More and more users are viewing websites from their tablets and their smartphones, and this phenomenon has become an important consideration for all website owners. Responsive web design or RWD for short is the main consideration for all sites that want a slice of the mobile market. It’s become apparent as well that RWD is the best thing for a website’s SEO.

What is Responsive Web Design

From the name itself, you can already gather that RWD is all about making a website respond to whatever screen size the site is being viewed in. With so many different types of screens in the market, it is utterly important for a website to be adaptable or “responsive” to the needs of it’s mobile audience. With RWD, it does not matter whether one is viewing a site in one’s laptop, notebook, tablet, or smartphone. The user experience won’t be messed up in any way because your site’s design flow will be different for each screen size.

What is RWD’s Effect On SEO?

There are three ways for a website owner to respond to the growing mobile market.

First, one can either ignore mobile completely (which is what happens to sites owners who feel their users will not come from mobile or to sites with no such foresight). In this case, the site assumes it will not get mobile users though in fact, they could have as a lot searches are made by a lot of mobile users. Given this fact, these sites will be sure to lose traffic from mobile (have you tried navigating through a website that is not meant for mobile? It’s a horrible user experience.)

Secondly, a site can design a separate mobile website. Some say this is really a better option as the mobile version will be 100 percent designed for mobile only. Thus, it will have a single focus. However, for the site’s ranking, things will not be as peachy. Having a separate mobile site or sites will mean different URLs (your traffic data will be divided between the two) and it also means a whole different html code (crawlers will see the site as different and crawling will not be a simple process.)

Thirdly, a site can go for RWD. As you have already deduced, this is the better option if we are talking about SEO. Google really adores RWD because it makes indexing and crawling easier since there is only one site to look at. Your site will have a much better chance with higher rankings.

Having a site that is geared towards mobile is better since user experience will improve too. This means your traffic will have low bounce numbers. This is also something that Google likes to see in websites.