What if you could reach your existing customers while they’re on Facebook? Does the idea of displaying a Facebook ad only to your prospects list sound interesting? This could give your marketing a boost and help build your brand’s image on Facebook. In this post, I’ll show you two ways to use Facebook’s Custom Audiences to connect with your customers and prospects on Facebook. Your business undoubtedly has a database of customers. You may be using that database to keep email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs and app user IDs. You can target the customers on these lists with your Facebook advertising, whether they are your current fans or not.

Instead of agonizing over demographics, precise interests and Partner Category targeting in an effort to reach your ideal audience, all you need to do is upload your customer list to Facebook. Facebook then matches up email addresses, for example, with the email addresses of users on Facebook. Not all of the email addresses you collect are directly related to an email address of a Facebook user. Facebook tends to match up between 30-50% (sometimes more, sometimes less), depending on the quality of your list.

How You Can Use Custom Audiences

You own a list of email addresses of your current customers. So how can you make that list work for you with Custom Audiences?

Start with a Custom Ad

Create an ad that’s targeted at current customers on your email list who aren’t currently Facebook fans to get them to like your Page. Craft your messaging appropriately, knowing this audience is already familiar with your brand.

When you direct your message to a custom audience, the success rate tends to be higher and cost per new page like much lower when compared to relying entirely on precise interests and other targeting methods.

2. Determine Target Segment Facebook Pages

If you segment your email lists according to customers who have made specific purchases, you can find great success with Custom Audiences. Let’s say that you have a list of customers who purchased Widget 1.0. You launch version 2.0. You can craft a Facebook ad targeted at the people who purchased Widget 1.0, alerting them of the update.

The beauty of this approach is that your target user doesn’t need to be a Facebook fan for it to work. These are people who already have an established level of trust with your brand. They have purchased your product. They are much more likely than the typical user to click through and buy.