Are you able to determine how much of your budget so go to SEO and how much of it should be for Sponsored link programs or PPC? You are not alone. This question can stump many of the most experience.

Just how expensive are PPC programs? Those in Google Ad Words as well as those in Yahoo will cost you depending on several things. First, decide on the key words and phrases you want, the position you wish to be seen in frequently, and also the number and frequency of clicks. As you are probably now thinking: it is quite difficult to come up with an exact initial budget? So is PPC still looking viable for your budget?

How To Find Out Whether Getting PPC Visits Is Viable

Obviously, the first thing you need to figure out is how much these revenue you get for each visit to your site. So just think of averaging how many customers you get and how that translates to sales or however it is you get your revenue. Then after that, it’s just simple math. Is it worth getting that visit at the cost of a click from your PPC campaign? This is one of the most crucial things you must analyze before understanding just how valuable your PPC really is.


Determining How Much To Spend on SEO vs. PPC

As a rule, natural, or what we call organic traffic begotten from SEO is a heck of a lot more affordable than PPC. Just how affordable? Well, depending on your SEO service, it should be nine to ten times less than the usual PPC campaign charges and budget. That is how big the difference is in terms of price. This is why it is obviously smarter to keep your eyes more on good SEO campaigns than on PPC. But it is not as simple as it sounds. Also, one of the best tactics for most brands is a combination of both organic and paid traffic. This will give you a more well rounded traffic and a much more stable conversion rate since you will be getting traffic from a wider audience.

But of course with SEO, there will be a speed bump or an uphill climb right at the start. This is especially true if you have never done good SEO practices for your site before or if your site has been previously promoted by outdated or even bad SEO tactics which you will have to reverse. This means that you will have to put in more of your SEO budget at the start. So how much are we looking at?

Well, if your budget is X dollars (of course this is an unrealistic example), you would spend roughly 34 percent on SEO and then the rest will be spent on PPC. This might sound surprising even as I said that one should focus more on SEO. But the fact is that this ratio is reasonable enough for SEO and PPC really just needs that much money even if you are not yet focused on it. Eventually, this ratio will change and you can allot less than 20 percent on your SEO, just keeping up with Google and getting a steady flow of good inbound links here and there.