Are you looking to find the best way to attract links passively? There are many ways to do that but not all will be applicable to your brand or niche. So what’s the best way for your company to attract and collect good links?

Why not try building a campaign based around the concept of a charitable, good cause? Not only do you get to market and create links for your site, you also get to help people. Isn’t that getting the best of both worlds? You’ll be astounded as to how effective this strategy can be for SEO. We will show you how.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Most companies will and should support a cause that is relevant to their industry. This is what we call: corporate social responsibility. This has something to do with your company’s sustainability as well. If you think this is just a hyped up way to make a marketing excuse, you are dead wrong. Companies today are going green and are spending more and more for sustainability reports on the communities they affect. If your company is not so big, you could still do the good work by being involved with the people that your industry affects.

This also means that you don’t need much to research on the type of content you will need for your campaign. You will already have the know-how since you will be just be creating content about things related to your expertise. All you need to do is find the social responsibility that your business is naturally answerable for.

Finding The Right Social Responsibility Spin

For example, let’s say that you are a tech company that also outsources to freelancers worldwide. This means that you are most likely hiring employees in third world countries. That gives you’re your angle for creating or being a part of campaigns championing the needs of these workers.

But really, you can do a campaign with less connection to your industry than that. You can champion any cause that you find worthy of your attention. Going green is always a good cause, as well as medical causes.

Probably the best advice is to champion a cause that you have a personal stake it. That will make it even more effective and more poignant as a press release story.

How To Gain Links Through Your Cause

Getting linked with the sites that your campaign is partnering with is the most obvious way to get links for your site. Also, contact .gov and .edu websites that share your cause in the local area. Spreading your website’s social responsibility section through a smart content campaign will also help you get links quickly, especially through social media.

Remember that the first thing you have to do in this case is to think of your campaign and strategy. Joining a fully-fledged charitable organization and providing that organization with your expertise (if not donations) is also a very good way to get your links and traffic.

Finally, always make sure that you are actually doing good. The only caveat in this kind of strategy is that if you do your cause in a haphazard way, it may backfire, especially if you are not really doing much help and nobody wants that.