Email marketing has been around for quite some time now, and  with tools like Mailchimp and Litmus, anyone can create an email marketing campaign for their business. But what is the real essence of email marketing? Whether you're a business owner or a marketer, it's a great tool to pave the way for leads to become actual customers. It's how you keep the connection alive and turning it into a customer-entrepreneur relationship.

With email marketing, you have the opportunity to hit two birds with one stone – capturing new customers while sustaining your relationship with current ones. One of the great things about an email marketing strategy is that when you create one it you have this itch to maximize a particular campaign for your business or a client.

The challenge? An average email is seen by around 20% which is still way better compared to a Facebook post that you need to boost it as a sponsored ad. This is one of the factors that most marketers think that email marketing is the old reliable.

Here are a few pointers to jumpstart your email marketing campaign:

1.) Why Are You Even Making an Email List?

You want to sell a product or a service? Sending emails a list of potential customers is just the technical aspect, it's really about creating trust and sustaining a relationship with a customer. You need to provide content that would help them with their issues. Presenting yourself a solutions provider will make them interested in taking a look at your product. Remember to use a personal approach and avoid sounding too salesman-ish.

2.) What Type of Email Should I Create?

Most people are easily irritated to see promotional posters or the same discount coupons every week which makes them delete emails containing those. The key here is to write them a personal note to make them comfortable with you. You're offering a solution so if you want people to be confident with your product then it starts by earning their confidence for yourself.

3.) Should I Send Emails Everyday?

You don't need to send emails everyday because that will make you more of a annoyance than a solutions provider! So what's the ideal frequency to send emails? It really depends on your editorial calendar, average emails are usually sent out twice to four times a month. It's advisable to ask people in a particular email list what they want to receive specially in terms of content. It's also a good start to initiate an email campaign once a month to gauge the results.

4.) Conduct Research and Ask Questions

Research gives you the opportunity to improve the email experience through valuable content like eBooks and videos. The great thing about this approach is that you can easily merit questions from potential customers. Always keep in mind that the product or service you offer can be better if customers will ask questions.