Do you want to get into content marketing strategy and give your brand a boost in traffic and SEO? It might sound easy, but what they don’t tell you is that most traditional SEO professionals do content marketing the wrong way. Google is cracking down on mediocre content and link building is becoming a tough game. Creating content with only SEO and marketing in mind will lead to disaster especially once Google perfects their algorithm in the future. Guest posts purely for SEO purposes are no longer effective, and infographics are falling out of vogue after they are now being used in spammy ways.


Creating Content Strategies That Truly Deliver

The truth is, creating quality content is something that most companies can do. It just takes up a bit more resources. But if you stop banking on mediocre content and start betting on quality content, your future can be assured. You won’t have to sweat as much when Google announces it’s next big algorithm update. And quality content really works wonders in terms of creating links and traffic for you. In short, you might make fewer articles, but at least they are a number of times more effective.

Principles for Effective Content Strategies

Follow these principles if you want the content in your site to really draw attention and get the desired SEO effect:


Content marketing is not about creating advertisements. It’s about creating things that people will like, share, and value in order to give credence and popularity to your brand.


People will not remember your brand if you do not stand out from your competitors. And to stand out, you have to find your own voice that fits your principles and strategies.


If you want to create more conversions, create longer content. Long-form trumps all because it has been tried and tested. People really do read more. It is also the type of evergreen content that will give your site authority and long-term value.


Find out what your audience wants and offer it to them. Simple enough. But this is easily forgotten if you try to mix in too much marketing intentions into your content.

To summarize, content strategy must focus on quality onsite content before it tries to create offsite content. Try to think of your user’s needs first. That’s how the biggest and best companies did it.Sso should you. Find out also how your audience experience the entire process of going through your website. You want to give them ease of access and clarity. But this is not just about making a cleaner design or website architecture. It also has to be about the ease of finding content whenever the user might need to. Make sure your content is front and center. But also make sure that the quality of your content is at the front and center of your focus. Remember that you get what you give. So give more.