In the past, people have been stuffing the same keywords over and over in SEO articles. Then Google put restrictions so people were down to using a keyword phrase only 6 to seven times. Then after even more restrictions, SEO articles only used keywords 2 to 3 times and used synonyms instead. And, yes, Google cracked down on that practice too. Now, most will say that you should just use your keyword once, preferably at the start of the article. SEO rules change all the time, but what will never change are the rules for good writing, and SEO friendly content should be written well. SEO optimization should just be a secondary tweak.

Write for real people

Any form of writing should engage its reader and should contain relevant information. But with SEO content, sometimes, a writer becomes too focused on creating a copy solely for search engine’s eyes. This results in really bad writing. Thankfully, Google is now so advanced that it recognizes good writing. It can almost read your copy. If it does not make grammatical sense, then it won’t help you rank. Also, the benefit of giving your audience value will not only give your brand authority, it will also inspire traffic. This far outweighs the possible SEO effect of badly written copies that perfectly adhere to search engine standards.

Do not keep track of your keyword too much while writing

Just a tip, if a writer outlines his or her copy by tracking keyword placement, that copy is not going to flow naturally. Write first, then tweak later for your keywords and whatnot. It’s easier this way; trust me.

Break it down to lists and create subheadings

It’s been a golden rule for most web content to break paragraphs into lists or sub headings. This is not just because Internet readers are lazy and they want to easily skim the text. It is also because having subheadings makes it easier for you to place emphasis on your keywords. Place your important keywords in the subheads where they belong.

Make sure links flow seamlessly in the text

This is the golden rule of all search engine optimized web content. If you are going to include links within the text, you have to make sure that they flow smoothly with the sense of the sentence. The practice in the past has been to include as many back links possible using a set amount of anchor text. Nowadays, having exact match anchor texts (your keyword is exactly your anchor text) is dangerous. At most, you should only use exact match anchor text once or twice, ever. Also, don’t put in too many links. You endanger losing your readers attention.

Key Takeaway: Good writing is what Google is after. Most good SEOs think that you shouldn’t even worry too much about creating optimized articles. Too much optimization is very dangerous. Remember, write a good article first before you try to optimize.