Email marketing and SEO go hand in hand. Some people do not realize this. After all, email marketers have a slightly different way of thinking compared to SEO experts. But if you want your email campaign to yield more than the usual traffic, use these SEO tips. You’ll be sure to maximize your campaigns.

Build Your Email Archive

The first step to creating a solid link between good SEO and your email marketing efforts is to archive each new email you blast. Of course, make sure that these emails are optimized (as we will discuss further below). That way, your archive will enable people to find your offerings online. With enough good keywords, your archive will be searchable and will show your audience what you have to offer. This is also why you want to connect your archive page to a signup form where those interested can subscribe to your emails

Making Your Emails SEO Friendly

There are many ways to do this. Here are the top principles to follow:

– Don’t Over Sell

If all your emails oversell, that’s not always effective, even in a marketing perspective. But there is an additional SEO perspective here. If you oversell, you will not be able to list down the best keyword structure. Also, content that does not talk about your brand but offers up good information (such as list of top fives ways to solve x problems, etc.) is more likely to rank in Google. They also bring in more traffic. When these are archived online, you will have solid content that will be searchable to many prospective people.

– Use More Text

Email marketing is picture driven. But if you use just enough keywords in your text, you’ll be able to maximize your email blasts. Graphics are not as search friendly as text and you want a good copy that will enable search engines to track your archived emails.

– Rethink Your Anchor Tags

Traditional call to action links from emails will not be the best way to go. The usual “click this” anchor texts are a big waste of links. While this call to action may still get people to click, there are other, fresher call to actions that may be more effective in more ways than one. Why not just use your keywords as the links instead? This is a basic SEO principle that is not usually applied to email marketing. And it should be.

In Conclusion:

It’s some people’s habit to blast emails and then just move forward to a new one. But, as with most things, there are many ways to find other uses for this steady stream of content. Thinking of ways to create more synergy throughout all your marketing efforts is a great way to go, especially with SEO. Just apply your basic SEO principles in the emails that you send and archive. This ensures that you get more juice out of your campaign. But remember to avoid overstuffing your email with keywords. That’s a big mistake that those new to SEO usually commit.