The simple line “You Are Not Alone” might be the most-opened subject line in the history of email marketing. Believe it or not, this subject line garnered an open rate of 90% and has even transcended the 100% mark at time. This particular subject headline has been deemed successful on emails about reputation management to content marketing to local search marketing, and other verticals! But wait, how does the “You Are Not Alone” subject line really work? Is it just a wordplay of sorts or does it have a strategy per se? We all want to feel belonged and be part of a group, it's a primal trait for humans! There are other primal traits that you can create a subject headline from, but the “You Are Not Alone” line is perhaps the most effective and personal approach for a potential customer to open your email. But how can you prevent them from throwing that cliché email to their spam bin?

Are You a Real Buddy or a Salesman?

Always remember that most people will ignore you when you talk like a salesman. Sure, you're selling something but that doesn't mean that you have to assume a salesman-ish voice to offer your product or service. No matter what product or service you're selling, if you make potential customers feel that you care about them and you understand their needs, then chances are you become their go-to guy!

The “You Are Not Alone” subject line paves the way for a potential customer to listen to you. Keep in mind though, that you have to present a solution if you want to talk about their recurring problems. Addressing the issue is only the appetizer, prepare the main course – the solution. And when it comes to solution, you really need to…

Figuring Out What They Really Need!

As a business owner or local marketer, you have to assume an expert role! When you present a solution, be prepared to answer tons of queries about your solution. While it may be a tedious task, it's an opportunity to grow your email list and nurture relationships. These relationships will lead potential customers to purchase your product or service, and in turn, get their trust! After you're done reading this blog post, think of what makes you need something because in order to know your potential customers through email marketing – you need to know what you want as well!