Brand pages in Facebook face more and more difficulties every day since Facebook is now making organic reach go lower and lower. Obviously, they want brand pages to pay for boosted posts and paid ads. Despite this problem, Facebook promises that the organic reach of brand pages will never be fully compromised and all of their restrictions is aimed at promoting quality content overall. And that’s partly true. If you look at the most popular brand pages, quality content equals reach. Though more specifically, quality content equals more engagement. And more engagement equals more reach.


So the question remains, how can you cook up the perfect type of content for your brand page? There are certain rules some people like to preach, but the fact is that the effectiveness of each strategy or tip is only as good as how it fits the business model of the brand. So, what we would rather teach is not a formula for creating content, but rather, a method for creating your own unique content – the recipe for your Facebook content success:

1. Know Your Audience

Most of the time businesses will want a specific type of audience, which will be more receptive to conversion. But building an audience is not easy to do; you have to start with anything you get. Sometimes, you have to take in some undesirables before you can get likes in the quality audience you like. But whatever your audience is, you have to know them in order for them to respond. And their response in the form of likes and comments, will also determine your reach (which hopefully will reach the right audience in the future). So think of what would appeal to them when you create your first posts. Make sure your content appeals to the audience you already have.

2. Try Out Different Posts

After thinking about your audience, it is time to make room for creative experimentation. You might find that a different type of post, like a full album, or sometimes, a long text post without a link, might appeal to them. Find out by trying different types of posts. This is just trial and error.

3. Show Them Who You Really Are

As with any form of media, the more sincere the speaker, the more likeable he or she is. It is the same with your Facebook posts. So why not be yourself and post the things that you care about or find funny. Chances are, your audience will respond positively to that.

4. Knowing How To Respond

Response is helpful as it promotes engagement. But response isn’t just about replying to comments from time to time. You can also create content out of your response to your audience. Listen to them and create a post about what they ask for. Go as far as soliciting ideas from them for your next posts.

5. Keep Up The Good Work

Look at the most popular types of posts and regularly create similar styled posts. Now you have your recipe for success.

Facebook posts for brand pages should be a mix of many things. Using ads and promoting your posts are great ways for growing your reach. But finding the right recipe for your content is the first step to keeping your community alive.