With SEO, one of the very first things that are taught is how to find out if a keyword is a good fit for your website. So how does one actually do the research to answer this most important question? Also, how do you know what keywords to invest your money in? This is the most central question you have to ask yourself. It is well and good to find out which keywords people use. But there are no free automatic tools out there that will tell you whether these used keywords are what your site really needs. So in order to find out what keywords you should invest on, here are some core principles any SEO should follow.

Looking at the Competition

Finding out your competition will give you valuable insight, not just on how others are doing in the race, but also in how feasible it is for you to enter the race. As a rule of thumb, there are typically a few ways to find out about competitiveness of a keyword. If there are a lot of ads in the results page, that means this keyword is highly competitive. If you see ads above the results, this means the keyword is indeed highly sought since it leads to conversions.

Collect Data and Find the Value

Collecting data is a very important way of making sure you are on the right track. One good way is to purchase sample campaign keywords. This can be tricky so you might want to consult an SEO specialist. Just use Adwords (by Google) or the Adcenter (by Bing) and see how the impressions and conversion is through the hundreds of clicks. Then, use that data to find out how much your keywords are exactly.

Know Your Niche and Your Brand

Socrates said that “an unexamined life is not worth living.” It is also true that “an unexamined brand is not worth marketing” because, of course, how will you market it if you do not know it? It is a waste of time and money if you do not know what you want to get out in the net before you invest in SEO. So go ahead and list what are relevant words and phrases that are relevant to your site and for conversion? Will your audience find what they are looking for if they use these keywords? Will they be satisfied? Will this flow of visitors help you with your goals. In the first place: what are your goals?

Remember that everything in SEO begins and ends at the exact moment that a person types in something in that search box. This is why Keyword research is extremely important. But if you do not follow these core principles, you might be wasting your time and valuable money. The analysis involved in this process might be very high but if done right, the results will be extremely valuable for you and your brand.