As marketers and business owners, we all want to create strategies that can entice potential customers to take a look at our product or service. It's both a challenge and an opportunity to get leads and turn them into actual customers. The first thing to do is to get their attention using a CTA or Call-To-Action that will make them click on that button to download your white paper or receive a freebie.

However, using a CTA isn't a one-size-fits-all approach! A competitor's CTA might not work for your product. You need to run some testing which will determine what works and what doesn't. According to a study, 30% of A/B tests are Call-To-Action button tests. Every marketer can use a free tool like SplitButton to run A/B tests which can help you determine the elements of your CTA that potential customers will respond to.

Simple is More

Using CTA means you're talking to a potential customer directly. What would you say if you're selling your product infront of a customer? You need to assume the role of a customer in order to determine what type of CTA a customer would respond to. You need to show how the sales process is and the rates. Aside from that, you need to get their email addresses by letting them subscribe to a newsletter or when they download a free white paper.

Make it Personal

Grammar is important if you're using CTAs in your lead generation strategy. A pronoun found in a CTA statement is an underrated element that can improve conversions! Here's an example: instead of using “Download this free software for a 30-day trial!” turn it into “Download my free software for a 30-day trial!” The key here is to communicate with a potential customer using a first person perspective.

Show your Social Identity

Want to convince customers easily? You need to leverage on your social assets to do so. Product reviews and testimonials help potential customers to start the path to purchase themselves. If you have been featured in news websites then that's also a good PR tool to use in getting their attention. Remember that we are in the age of social business already where people would buy a product or avail a service if the brand looks good on social. How can you use this to boost your CTA strategy? Show potential customers that your product is real and are giving current customers that they get results!