Everyone wants to succeed and in order to attain our goals we need to motivate and inspire ourselves. Motivation comes from a number of sources, but being inspired? It's not everyday you get to be inspired. No matter how motivated you are to accomplish something, quality of your work could be affected if you're not inspired at all. Inspiration is always a good thing because it complements motivation, however, we tend to find new sources of inspiration as much as we want to be motivated by a new goal.

So how do you get inspired or find a new source of inspiration? As much as we want to think we've already reached our full potential, we shouldn't be complacent in improving even if we feel that we're successful already. Remember that success is a temporary state which could lead into complacency. Finding a new inspiration to build around and set new goals can make us more successful in everything that we do.

Here are five ways to be inspired and strive for more success:

1.) Always be Hungry

People who think that they are already successful aren't really successful. The true mark of success is how you strive for more successful feats after you've achieved one. Every small victory paves the way for a bigger win and one win should lead to more wins. If you like to write and think you're a good writer then you've admitted already that you won't get better. It's about inspiring yourself to grow and learn more. Don't be satisfied with your current success, always find new goals to accomplish.

2.) Treat a Problem as an Opportunity

Winners get inspired when they perceive problems and trials as opportunities. It's ironic how one can draw inspiration from an ordeal they need to overcome, but these people know that once they overcome trials they become better. A problem to solve is an opportunity to present a solution. Creating a solution urges you to be inspired and work harder to achieve a solution. And when you solve a problem or overcome an ordeal – you win.

3.) Remove Negativity

It's a fact that negativism is one of the enemies of productivity. When you're pre-occupied with negative thoughts chances are you won't accomplish anything. The same goes for useless emotions, if you fear something for no reason at all, you need to flush it out. You need to inject positive emotions and establish a mindset that will bring you closer to your goals. Always be optimistic and positive.

 4.) Always Think Big

You don't grow and build your character if you're already satisfied by just doing minor goals. Don't waste your time thinking that you're already doing enough to be successful. You need to think big and shut down complacency if you want to be inspired again. Remember that you're only as good as your last game so always draw inspiration from your last win and continue winning!

5.) Be Thankful

There's always something to be thankful for. We inspired ourselves whenever we value the things that make us whole. What we accomplish today will reflect our future endeavors and we should be thankful that we were able to reach our goals and achieve success. Always keep in mind that if you're thankful then you're in the right direction.