For many small to medium businesses, mom and pop stores and the like, local search is the key for their search engine success. Google’s local search results are getting more and more competitive ever since businesses and SEOs figured out that it is not a matter of getting ranked in more keywords, but a matter of getting ranked in keywords that the possible customers in your local area use to search for you. This is a big deal, since obviously these are the people who your business will turn into customers. So aside from on-site keywords, how exactly do you optimize for local? Are you sure that your brand, online presence, or website is good to go?


Ways to Optimize Up on Local Search

No, you have to check again. It is fifty times likely that you are not fully prepared for Google’s local search for Yahoo local, Business Portal by Bing, and of course Google+ Local. These are the keys to success. If you fix all the info online for your local targeting, this will give you a high SEO boost for mobile and web since as you know, these information should be accurate for each location. This is especially important for franchise branches since people can get confused and go to the wrong branch. Your business contact, location, hours, and promo information should be accurate.

Make sure that you not only put in complete information all throughout the net, make sure that you cover all other possible information (even though others think some of these are not necessary). Be as nitpicky as you can be when it comes to directions info, photos of your establishment, description near the streets, ways payment info, social media links, links to specific stores, etc. If you can do this, you will help Google and other search engines bring your local searchers all the info they could possibly want. All their questions would be answerable online with just a good search. This is, after all, what search engines are made for. Make sure all these added info is keyword optimized.

Unclaimed Pages

Another big thing to look out for is unclaimed pages. What is this you ask? There are a lot of online directory sites that will scrape the internet automatically for data on stores. This is so that their site will have information. Of course, this also means that the information they scraped might not be accurate. They might not even be able to scrape much, just your name and store general location. This is not only bad for your customers who want to know, but also bad for your SEO. So look up all these pages, updated and fill up the info, and you will be able to optimize your SEO and web presence at the same time. Google might make a business page from all these info so you better make sure you claim and update these pages.

There you have it, the simple yet incredibly effective ways to better your local SEO. If you have more ideas, why don’t you tell us about them? We would love to hear from you.