Have you ever tried using Twitter to drive traffic to your website? A lot of people try but fail. There are certain rules to the game. And here, we lay it all out for you.

Do Not Tweet Links to Your Website

That sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it? In fact, that sounds downright contradictory. So how do you drive traffic to your website without even dropping links? But perhaps the most pertinent question you should be asking first is why you shouldn’t drop twitter links to your website. The answer is simple, because it is a very spammy activity. You might think that everyone in your Twitter followers list will want to read about what you posted on your blog each and every time. But that is probably not true, especially when you are starting out. But don’t fret, you will still of course drop links to your site. But you should not do it right away and you should never do it too often. That is unless your content is truly interesting to everyone all the time which is the case with blogs that are purely for entertainment and information. If you on the other hand are, for example, in the textile distribution industry, chances are that you are not posting the most viral of blog posts.

Setting Up Your Twitter

What is most important with Twitter is that you are actually being social. If you just go in there and think of getting traffic right off the bat, then you are doing things the wrong way. First off, invite all your close friends and acquaintances. You do not want your Twitter community to start off with people you barely know. Your contacts will be the base foundation. First of all, people won’t add you if you do not already have a decent number of followers. Secondly, your close contacts will be the ones to really engage with your page and also help widen your network. That is, hopefully, by spreading the word about your account.

After that, you should regularly follow Twitter accounts every week. But keep in mind that you should not add a ton of people every week. Again, just like tweeting links to your site every day, getting a hundred people per day will help your account get banned.

Follow those who are related or would be interested in your niche. Follow people so that they will follow you back in return. Also, engage in the conversation now and again. Keep an ear to the latest trending topics even if they are not part of your industry or niche. It would still help you get noticed if yo post witty things about current events. Of course, the best thing is to comment on current events relevant to your niche.

So where do you drop your links? Place them on your profile. And make sure that your profile page is

Make sure your profile is very attractive. And after you have established your twitter account, you can now start to drop links every so often. Just still make sure that you are providing quality content, otherwise you will have wasted all your efforts since your followers will get turned off.