As a small business or non-profit organization, have it occurred to you that it's easier to sustain the PR you get from current followers compared to enticing prospective ones? Increasing lead generation so you can sign up a potential client or donor is always an exciting experience. It's something to look forward to since it boosts your monetary capacity. It's a no-brainer that non-profits need donations to fund their marketing campaigns and support their cause.

Keyword would be “support” so are you doing something for your supporters to stick with you?

Client loyalty and customer advocacy are key aspects for any organization to thrive in a competitive industry. For non-profit organizations, it's a fierce competition to entice corporate donors and garner supporters to increase PR and improve fundraising initiatives. So before you start a new lead generation strategy, it's best to determine what strategy works to keep existing supporters and donors at your side.

Here are 5 ways to keep loyal supporters and donors stay by your side:

1.) Provide Value

How do you convert a mere Facebook user into an actual supporter or donor? As a non-profit organisation, you need to determine your target audience. It's important to know that your non-profit's cause can only be seen by a relevant audience which you can turn into supporters. Once you've made them into long-time supporters, you need to show your non-profit's value by presenting the progress of your projects funded by them. This will make them feel that they're part your brand story and that their donations are put into good use. Remember that your supporters aren't customers, so treat them as part of your team.

2.) Instill Loyalty and Dedication

You can't craft your non-profit's brand story if you're clueless on how to proliferate your non-profit as a brand. Marketing goes beyond social media outreach and adword campaigns, you need to consider traditional marketing as well. Every supporter, volunteer, and donor are your walking ads, if you give them souvenirs like shirts, lanyards, or jackets to wear then you are doing the right thing. Supporters will be glad that the non-profit they're supporting are making them feel that they're part of the team.

3.) Real-Time Engagement

Expect that your supporters and donors are heavy social media users so you'll treat your social media pages as a vital ingredient to sustain PR from them. Social is how you'll hit your mark in terms of brand awareness since people easily accommodate an offer from a non-profit through social content. It's how you get your message across channels since people tend to listen to their relatives and friends rather than paying attention to a loud advertisement. Engage with your followers and share relevant content that would interest them. Creating a content plan also helps you now to promote fundraising initiatives too much. A coherent and well-balanced content strategy will sustain engagement across social channels.

4.) Always be Open

Just like customers, a non-profit's supporters and donors set expectations so they can determine if your non-profit's cause is worth donating for. Every time you share your non-profit's vision coupled with proof that there's progress in your projects, your followers will see a reason to stick with you. Always be open and transparent when presenting facts on how you're allocating your funds to materialize your projects. Supporters and donors are part of your team so they should know how your non-profit is making progress.

5.) Show Gratitude

There are many ways to thank your supporters and donors for their continuous support for your cause. Most of the time global brand, small businesses, and even non-profits tend to be complacent in sending a thank you message to their followers. Apply a personal approach and talk to your followers through tangible means like a card rather than emailing them a newsletter. It will show that you're sincere in connecting with them on a personal level.