If someone downloads a white paper from your mobile website, do you consider it as a conversion? When a potential customer downloads free content or subscribe to your newsletter, it's not a conversion yet. However, you can use that to track if that potential lead will turn into a conversion.

But what exactly is a “mobile conversion?”

A mobile conversion is when your mobile website actually helps you increase sales and improves your lead generation strategy. If you highly invest in mobile marketing, it's a must to determine what works and what doesn't. Assessing the data with regard to downloads and subscriptions will make you understand how to measure conversions and how it'll increase ROI.

Before measuring mobile conversions, you need to determine what conversions means to you. Is a conversion just a subscription? Is it an inquiry when a customer writes on an opt-in form? Before you determine how your mobile website is increasing leads and sales, you need to set standards on what you consider as a conversion.

For instance, if you offer yoga classes, and use a mobile website to entice customers to take a 1-day trial, you have to check who signed up for the free trial and who actually signed up and attended your yoga class. Customers respond in various ways and you need to be meticulous in determining your conversion standards.

Again, tracking your conversions depend on what your business goals are. Creating a content strategy that will enable you to retrieve data will help you in tracking and measuring your mobile conversions.