One of the reasons why marketers and small business owners use digital tools is to jumpstart the path to purchase for potential customers. Email marketing is one of those old reliables that gets the job done. Creating an email list and writing blog articles are two ways that can work in synergy for customers to learn more about what you’re selling. Through a blog post, a potential customer learns more about your product or service which transforms that reader into a lead.

So how can you turn a reader into a potential lead then into a loyal customer? You need to start building your email list and use effective plugins that will improve the process. But don't just use any email plugin on your website and blog. Some plugins will drive readers to your blog but the real catch here is how you can make an email list out of visitors.

Here are some plugins to improve your email marketing campaigns:

1.)   SumoMe

One of the easiest plugins to use. SumoMe was created by Appsumo that enables a smooth integration of your blog and website. Download the plugin to WordPress then go to your website, you'll see the app store that has a crown symbol which showcases a useful tools you can download. One of the most interesting tools is heat mapping, this shows what pages and where people are noticing your content more. It helps you determine which content works and what you should improve on.

2.) HelloBar

HelloBar is a great plugin especially if you're about to start writing for your blog. It has a simple approach that enables you to put the email subscribe bar at the top of your blog. The direct approach makes it easy for potential customers to subscribe to your blog and improve your email list as well. HelloBar also collects stats like conversion rates, impressions, and number of subscribers. It also works fine both on desktop and mobile!

3.) Optin Forms

It's a good practice to include an opt-in form at the end of every blog post. It's a call-to-action per se, if readers like your post from top all the way to the bottom then it simply suggests that they are learning something. Great content makes readers stick and if they learn more about the product then there's a big chance to transform them into an actual customer. Optin Forms will help you with that.

4.) Mail Chimp Signup Forms

Arguably, MailChimp is the Coke of email marketing tools. It's the most popular tool if you like to create an email marketing list.  The MailChimp plugin enables to choose a number of ways on how to build your list and how to incorporate it on your WordPress website.