Have you ever asked yourself if there is a way to have your Facebook brand posts be seen only by a specific demographic (location, gender, etc)? Well, now you can. Facebook has a new feature that lets you do just that. It is called, targeted posts.

How To Activate Targeted Posts

If you want to turn on this relatively new feature, here are the easy step-by-step instructions.

On your fan page, go to:

– “Edit page” then “Edit Settings”
– Edit “Post Targeting and Privacy”
– Make sure there is a check on the tick box for “Turn on privacy and News Feed Targeting so I can control the privacy of new Page posts.”
– Then save settings

Take note though that your post will have to be set in public for this to work.

You will be able to filter the visibility of your post from all your audience by:

  • Gender
  • Relationship Status
  • Educational Status
  • Interest
  • Age
  • Location
  • Language

Do You Need To Use This Function?

This feature doesn’t have much to do when you are trying to reach outside your community. Of course paid ads are the only real way to do that outside of other marketing and outreach campaigns. However, they still add an important factor to your page, especially if you are targeting very different locations or countries.

For example, if your brand page has announcements for your franchise stores located in two separate States or countries, then you will want to segment your posts.

Another example, if you are posting content that you don’t want children to see, then you can filter by age.

And finally, if your community is made up of groups of people that are very distinct or are of different tastes, cultures, and even language, then this feature becomes really indispensible. Remember, you do not want to post content that will be seen by everyone if you know that post can only be understood or appreciated by people in a certain country or with a certain language.

Segmentation Is A Good Thing

You do not want to alienate sectors in your audience. What if you have more people in Canada than you have in Mexico and you post news or content relevant only to Canada most of the time, what happens is that you alienate your Mexican audience. You already know that the reach of your posts are limited automatically. But if they reach the wrong people, you will not get engagement (likes, views, and comments). And in the end, if you don’t get engagement in your post, your reach also will not rise. In fact, it will continually dwindle.

Segmentation is always important in advertising. The more targeted your content, the higher the chance for people to feel a certain affinity or kinship to your brand. They will be more willing to go down into party. You will no longer be afraid of creating a content plan including content only useful to one segment of society.