When Google Analytics rolled out SEO reports, many of use were very excited. But now in a world where Google has become so tight in terms of combatting web spam, Google Analytics (GA) has really become relevant to every SEO professional. Here, we will talk about how powerful SEO reports from GA can be and how you can use the insights it provides to increase your website engagement and conversion.


Using GA SEO Reports

It’s fairly easy to set it up. You can either go to your Google Webmaster tools (the instructions are all there, just log in and search). Or you could also go to your GA, click on the SEO reports, and you will be given the instruction there on how to set it up through your Webmaster tools for data sharing.

First, login to your GA and go to “Traffic Sources”. This is where you can access the report.:
– It basically shows the frequency of your website showing up in SERPS (click on “Queries”) and also shows the keywords where you appear in, as well as the usual ranking your page appears. From that information alone, you can already glean why this particular report can be very effective.
– Another important datum in the queries’ keyword report is the “Average Position” showing where your page usually shows up in SERPS for the popular keywords listed,
– You can also find information about which pages in your site was in the SERPS (click on “Landing Pages”).
– And finally, the location of your audience can also be seen (click on “Geographical Summary”)

What Insights Can You Find And How Can They Help You?

Look at the average position of your landing pages. Are you at the top or are you at page 10 of SERPs?

If your landing pages rank really low but still generated some clicks, you need to do some research on the keywords. Just do a Google search on the keywords (preferably use incognito so that the results will be neutral and not based on your personal browsing history) and you will see your competitors. Look at the landing pages on top of you and try to find out why people had to sift through these top rankers and land on your link. What could they be looking for that was not found in those higher rankers? Ask yourself what you can offer to the viewers that these higher rankers did not offer. Remember, it is inevitable that some of your pages will not land on top SERPs. Working on these insights not only lessen your bounce rate, it also potentially increases engagement, and unmasks the behavior of your audience.

Another set of questions you can ask yourself is: which type of content attracts more clicks to my site. Which type of keywords can I build on further with the strengths my site already has. These strengths of course are your already-ranking keywords – basic SEO questions which are easily answered in the report.

These are just some of the questions you can ask to gain more insight on your site’s traffic. There are of course, even more you can ask. Be creative and you can mine this SEO report for loads of insight.