Facebook has rolled out new changes for its ads platform. The campaign structure has changed and if your using Facebook ads to promote your business or you’re working a campaign for a client, it’s a must to familiarize yourself in order to create new strategies to achieve target ROI.

A couple of changes will affect targeting, ad placement, bidding, and budget. These areas can be configured at a given ad set level. While the copy, visual, CTA button, and Facebook page can be configured at the ad level.
To set up an ad in Facebook’s new ad structure, be sure to follow these simple steps :

1.) Pick an Objective

Before anything else, you need to choose the objective of your Facebook ad campaign, some terms and selections have changed you need to familiarize yourself with these. For instance, the Page Post Engagement option has been change to Boost Your Posts. The great thing about setting up the Boost Your Post ad is that you can configure a certain ad to boost the post to only your fans instead of boosting the ad to your fans and their contacts. The idea is to help you on how to budget your funds for targeted ads.

2.) Enter Objective Specifics

When you’re done choosing an objective, you can make other selections which are relevant to your objective such as entering your mobile website URL, choosing a conversion metric, or an event to promote

3.) Create a Name for your Campaign

After entering your objective details, it’s time to name your campaign! A creative campaign title should make it effective, but Facebook gives it a name by default according to the objectives you entered. Always keep in mind to name the campaign based on your top objective.

4.) Design the Ad Set

You can now set up the budget and targeting for your ad set. The order setup has changed so it can be in line with the flow of the new structure. Facebook will optimize the ads below the ad sets so the better-performing ads get more of the budget. You can also manually control the ads in a given ad set as well.

5.) Design Your Ad

It’s time to design your ad! You can opt to change the ad image for split testing so you can add multiple images here and multiple ads will be created with the different images. Facebook will split test them and optimize the campaign to show the best-performing ad more often. Aside from image testing, you can also split test calls-to-action to determine the best CTA to use for your ads.