Seth Godin emphasized in one of his books that small is the new big. Small businesses can make tremendous impact using social media just like big brands do. It all starts by creating branded content that target customers can appreciate and share on their networks. If people like the content you're sharing, it's a linchpin that will eventually pave the way to a sell! Content sustains engagement and lets your Facebook fans transform into a community.

Fresh and original, this is what visual content should be. Using social media to jumpstart the path to purchase starts with visual content. The more visual the approach to your content then the more it can entice potential customers. Budget might be a factor in raking new fans to your Facebook page, but turning a user into a potential customer can lead to an actual sell by combining a great call-to-action copy and beautiful visuals.

Here are 4 ways small business owners can utilize visual content to increase conversions:

1.) Understand the Value of Visual Content

Content isn't just something that you share to your followers to turn them into customers. Before you jumpstart your content marketing initiatives, it's a must to understand the value of visual content. If you don't understand the value of visual content then you won't be able to create effective strategies yourself.

The main objective of visual content is to create conversations in your social media pages. This allows followers and current customers to share suggestions and queries. As engagement increases, conversions will follow starting with potential customers asking about your product or service upfront. Picture this out: Whether if you share an infographic of your services, people will know more about it and inquiries will soon follow.

2.) Enhance your Website with Engaging Visuals

One of the most effective ways to acquire leads and conversions is through a landing page that talks. A call-to-action will definitely bring conversions to the table. You want visitors to download your free ebook or white paper? You need to put some enticing visuals coupled with a call-to-action copy on your landing page.

High-quality rich media is icing on the cake and will attract many potential customers. But if you're on a budget, simple means more! You can ask the help of long-time customers by creating a video and giving out their testimonials. Ask how these loyal customers are making the most out of your product or how they are satisfied with your service!

3.) Determine The Functionality of Design

Most people think that the value of visual content is in its attractiveness. What they don't know is that the function of design is at work when someone takes notice and checks out the broader picture. Always keep in mind that visual content works best if you know how to determine their functionality both in social media pages and website development.

Practice the habit of checking your website and pretend that it's not yours. As you fill in the shoes of a visitor, you'll be able to see what works and what needs some improvement. If you think that your blog structure and typographic isn't working in synergy, it's a great idea to ask a web designer for better design studies. If your website attracts you without patronizing it, then you're on the right track!

4.) Use Free Tools for Campaigns

Another important aspect in visual content marketing is how you integrate your social media pages and content campaigns. There are tons of free tools online which can help you create videos, slideshows, and graphics for your campaigns. The key here is how you integrate your social media pages to drive potential customers to your website. Keep in mind to determine your goals before your campaign so you can yield desired results!

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