Business owners are now using social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to entice potential customers and increase ROI. But are they relying too much? Before social media platforms were used to promote a business, there were forums and blogs. If you post great content using a blog, potential customers will be the one who'll find you. Social media is all about sharing and discussion but without relevant content to feed your target audience, there's nothing to share, right? This is where a blog becomes very significant in capturing leads combined with social media engagement.

The Internet is now a marketplace where you can turn users into customers by feeding them with relevant content. Today, Facebook is the gateway to the Internet, most of us would even log in on our Facebook account before we check our emails. Why is this so? People are finding content on Facebook. As a business owner, a blog is a podium that provides you a voice to promote your product without sounding like a salesman. If you share a relevant blog post to your followers then there's a very good chance that people will be commenting on it and even share it on their networks!

A blog coupled with a sound social media strategy will bring opportunities to the table. A business owner can demonstrate how-to's, offer suggestions, and show thought leadership through blog posts. Here are more tips on how to make your blog an effective tool to enhance your lead generation strategy:

  • Analyze your competitors (topics, frequency of posts, who writes them, how they are shared) to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Make your content valuable and unique.
  • Subscribe to top industry blogs using RSS to keep track of the latest hot topics.
  • Search for people asking questions about your keyword or phrase on Twitter.
  • Ask your sales and support team what questions are asked most frequently by potential or current customers.