If you are not using your Facebook insights, then you are not getting the most out of your page. Facebook Insights is key in finding the right direction for your brand and your strategies. Basically, you will be able to see all the data regarding your posts, your audience, and your overall status or productivity.

If you want to find out:
– What persona/voice should you take
– Who likes your page and when
– Which posts were most successful
– What are you doing wrong
– When to post
– Etc

Then checking out your page’s insights is what you need to do. But not all answers are spoon-fed. You have to be able to understand the data and know how to use the insights’ basic functions. So for those beginners who want to learn, this one’s for you:


Data On Likes

The “where your likes came from” section will let you see who your audience is. From what part of the world do most of them come from? What is the age bracket and which age group has the highest number? You will also see valuable demographic info like the percentage of men vs. women, the number of those in specific locations, etc. This will let you custom tailor your strategy. You can create more posts for people living in those countries, for men or women, or for a certain age group.

The section even lets you see data on those who just recently liked the page. It also has data on those who clicked the unlike button. That information can be very powerful. Find out which days had unlikes and see which posts you made on that day. Find out what campaign got you likes.

Data on Reach

Here in the reach graphs you can find out how many people see your normal posts as well as your boosted posts and ads. You will be able to see who and how many are “talking” about your page (basically mentioning it, sharing it or posts from it, etc). You will also be able find out whether you were reached through search engines or through ads. This info will help you determine where to focus your resources by looking at where you get the most traffic. The dates and times will also tell you the best times to post.

Data on Posts

If you want to know which SPECIFIC posts were most talked about, viewed, shared, and liked, then you can check out the graph on posts information. Filter through the type of post you want to assess (text, photos, videos, questions, etc) and see which ones had the most engagement. Obviously, this will give you an even closer look at what kind of content your audience responds to the most. And you can then choose to make more of those.

Facebook Insights is choc full of fun data. There are more nooks and crannies to explore, but these are the basic functions that you will want to check out first and foremost. With enough analysis and playing around, you will find the right recipe for your brand page’s success. Happy posting!