A  lot of people will create a LinkedIn page because they're looking for a job. Most marketers will use LinkedIn just for the sake of having a presence there or just to connect with their current networks. Smart marketers know that LinkedIn is more than a social network for professionals. A smart marketer knows that LinkedIn can be an effective lead generation tool.

While a bulk of potential customers can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn gives you an edge in terms serious lead acquisition and reputation management as well. LinkedIn is quite a different field and requires a feasible approach before initiating a sales campaign. Do you want potential customers to flock your LinkedIn page instead of finding them yourself?

Here are 5 ways to use LinkedIn to acquire leads:

1.) Enhance your LinkedIn Headline

Think of your LinkedIn page as a call-to-action and not just some online ID. Optimizing your LinkedIn headline using a personal approach will attract leads. The top of the fold should include your photo and a headline. That's what most Linked users focused on, but don't treat it like you're just introducing yourself. Use a personal approach and tell how you can help a potential customer.

Always keep in mind that people will most likely check your headline because they're not recruiters who will have time to scroll down and scan your career history. Keep your headline brief yet straightforward. Use a professional photo, state your title, and include a short message about what service you can offer to potential customers.

2.) Keep your Profile Open

The LinkedIn approach is way different from the Facebook approach. Picture out that you have a booth in a business convention. Potential customers will be strolling around and if they don't spot you manning your booth, then how will they learn about you do and your product? It's not a good practice to make your LinkedIn too restrictive since LinkedIn users are always browsing for other users to build their network. Be open to contact invites so you can broaden your reach and acquire referrals as well.

3.) Create your Network

An effective LinkedIn page that can garner leads and entice potential customers isn't how many connections it has made. How can you determine if you're on the right track? You should create a network that will allow you to connect with people that will complement your business and vice versa.

An effective LinkedIn page creates a network that paves the way for meaningful interaction even if you haven't met some of these contacts yet. If you intend to connect with someone you haven't met offline then you should provide a good reason why you're sending an invitation. Shrug off the salesman approach. You'll discourage people to connect with you if you just want to sell right away.

4.) Engage Like a Pro

In order to build a great LinkedIn page you need to put a premium on content. But don't just like a contact's article or share something you found online. You need to be consistent in sharing content and not just any content. Share content that will project the message of product or your service.

According to a study, LinkedIn users receive thrice the number of unsolicited reviews by sharing content. Aside from sharing blog posts, infographics, or a quote, try participating in groups and engage in forums. It's a great approach in showing your expertise in a particular topic and can help you make new contacts.