What is more important: traffic, or good links for your site’s search engine results page rankings? For most SEO experts, the answer might be: getting good links for better optimization. However, things are not that simple anymore. First of all, Google has almost eliminated all traditional forms of “link building”. Not to mention that mistakes in link building (such as using the same anchor text more than once) could result to penalties for your page.

Good traffic will eventually lead to better SEO. Surely you would like to capture as much traffic as you can. Sadly, SEOs have too long been focused on getting links as the end all and be all. But the truth is, they miss many opportunities to get traffic rich links just because those links are no-follow or something. Just because their primary goal is to get link juice, they turn a blind eye.

Quality Instead of Quantity

Google’s algorithm now focuses on quality, not quantity. It’s not about how many links you create anymore. It’s about the how relevant, how traffic and engagement rich, and how authoritative those link are. And one of the great ways to find sites that are organically link to you is to analyze your site’s inbound traffic through Google Analytics. This will also help lead you build links. Those links will serve the purpose of bringing direct traffic, not just search engine traffic.

Identifying Your Top Traffic Channels

You need to use Google Analytics. No other free tool comes close to the power that GA gives to you for free. Use GA in order to see where or which sites drives the most traffic to your website. Also, it can help you set KPIs that are aimed at making more growth for your brand or business. You will also be able to find information that could guide your strategy regarding your visitors and how the website should engage with them. This info is vital for helping you boost conversion. GA will also let you know which social media platforms best fit your visitors. Then, you can invest more marketing research on whatever this social media platform happens to be.

To identify your top traffic channels, simply click on the traffic sources section of GA. This is where the list of biggest site referrers can be found. After listing all those down and analyzing for opportunities, you can then create advanced segments which can help you further analyze your audience demographics and behavior. This process is all about setting up filters.


– Google analytics is your go-to tool for finding information you need in identifying your site’s visitor and your site’s biggest traffic channels.
– Finding out the biggest channels for traffic should guide your other marketing efforts in social media and also your link building.
– Remember that link building is not really about getting the most number of links but about getting a few links to very reputable and high traffic sites.
– Also, building links that give little to no link juice is not a waste as long as you get lots of good traffic, which you can analyze and leverage.