Gmail recently rolled out some changes with its new Gmail Promotions tab, now the question is – how would this affect your email marketing strategy? Gmail's now deciding for its users and has organized your mailbox to sort out your inbox messages into five categories that are collectively known as Promotions.

So should you be worried if your emails are being read by potential customers? It's a tricky situation because it really depends on how good your current email marketing strategy is doing in the first place. While change is a good thing, it doesn't mean that every change is an improvement. It's up to marketers to make the most out of the recent Gmail Promotions feature which might even help you hit your target prospects! You can also create your own strategy that can give you an edge over your competitors, right?

Here are 4 ways to make the most out of the Gmail Promotions tab:


1.) Remind Subscribers About Gmail Updates

Keep in mind that you're the expert here and that your customers aren't as savvy and updated as you are. Tell them that Gmail is rolling out changes, suggest how to move your email to their Primary tab so they can receive the important emails you're sending them. It's more important to remind new subscribers about the Promotions tab so they can always be updated about offers, webinars, and newsletters. Note: The opt-in confirmation message will typically come to the Promotions tab for Gmail users, not their Primary email box.


2.) Time-Sensitive Offers

Email marketing aims to make your every email a priority for your target customers. Creating a sense of urgency will make them notice and care. If you're creating time-sensitive offers, be sure that it's really relevant and useful! Not only your target customers won't miss out on juicy limited time offers, you'll compel them to move you on their Primary inbox tab.


3.) Capitalize on Brand Advocates

Thanks to social media, you can turn fans into customers and into brand advocates. These people are the ones who'll promote your product or service for free, whether it's on their Facebook page or a forum thread. Rewarding these customers with freebies for their commitment to your product is also a good PR for your business. If you decide to give out a free iPad as a reward, you might as well include it on your newsletter! This will show that you connect with customers and appreciate brand loyalty as well.


4.) Personalize your Content

Send your customers content that relevant to them and they'll open your email. It's a cookie concept principle, the content you feed them via their inbox needs to entice them to give their attention. You can shrug the salesman approach by talking to them like an expert and a pal at the same time. The content becomes more interesting and useful if you apply the personal approach. Creating content that speaks to your customers is good that people will be the ones checking for new updates on their Primary inbox tab.