Mobile is now the holy grail of marketing, businesses and marketers are now realizing the value and impact mobile marketing can give to their digital marketing initiatives. Having a desktop website isn't enough to generate leads or reach prospects, mobile has also become a means for non-profit organisations to reach their target audience and entice potential donors. Establishing a mobile presence isn't a trend anymore, it's a useful tool that will increase conversion rates.

Remember that if you don't have a mobile page then you don't exist at all! Why? Your target audience is accessing the Internet using their mobile devices. You want to increase your Facebook likes or create a seamless online donation process? You might as well start considering a mobile approach to improve these strategies. It's about creating a great mobile experience for users so you can convert them into supporters and donors.

Here four recent studies about social mobile marketing:


1.) Location Marketing is Now Relevant

Small businesses need to track prospects via geo-targeting, it's a must to analyze where potential customers are, in order to determine where your mobile ads should go. Every check-in matters because this is how you'll cover your target audience using mobile. According to eMarketer, the use of digital coupons are now proliferating since people have a penchant for freebies, they don't mind checking in during your nonprofit's events. Consider using Foursquare's couponing strategy which your product’s supporters can redeem discounts from your partners by checking in during events.

2.) Visual Engagement Starts via Mobile

It's a no-brainer why Facebook bought Instagram – Facebook wants to dominate social mobile as well, and what better way to do it than acquire the most-downloaded mobile app in the world, right? Aside from Instagram, Snapchat is also gaining some steam with an overwhelming photo-sharing traffic with 350 million photos per day. So how does this affect your nonprofit? Simple, your supporters are most likely avid users of these apps, which means you need to build your own Instagram account to engage with customers and prospects. It's also an opportunity to increase PR for your nonprofit using user engagement and brand content. You need to talk with your product advocates and let know that you're always listening to what they have to say.

3.) Videos Rule Mobile

We want instant content made available through our mobile device, so it's only fitting to say that videos are one of the best content types that users pay attention to. Aside from being a photo-sharing app, Instagram enables users to share a video or two. A recent poll by eMarketer showed that 93% of marketers used video for sales and communications. Your nonprofit can also increase its PR whenever a supporting will share a video during your fundraising events.

4.) Facebook is a Source of Social Traffic

Facebook is slowly conquering mobile, according to a report by Shareaholic, publisher saw average referral traffic via Facebook mobile increase by 253% from September 2013 to September this year. It's proof that your target audience will log in on their social media accounts using their mobile device, your  Facebook page should implement a content plan that will complement your mobile marketing initiatives as well. Always remember to keep texts short and observe mobile content sizing standards so your supporters can easily see your feed.


Always keep in mind that mobile marketing isn't a one-size-fits-all approach, it needs careful planning and creating custom-tailored strategy in order to capture your target audience. Does your nonprofit have a mobile marketing strategy already? We'd like to talk with you about how digital strategies can jumpstart your nonprofit's marketing efforts. We're always here to listen to you and give advice.